Translation and Interpreting

Translation is an art! Done properly, it transposes ideas from one language to another, without modifying their meaning, substance or form. Our translation experts are here to help you communicate clearly with your partners.

With many years of experience in the field of specialized translation, our network of translators can meet all of your needs with fast turnaround times and highly competitive prices. We have a team of translators experienced in numerous sectors, working exclusively towards their native languages and thus able to offer a high-quality service and flawless translations. Post-translation, all documents undergo review via our extremely reliable quality assurance process..

Regardless of the size and format of your documents, we can process your request within just a few days, or even a matter of hours. Trans4Europe prides itself on its vast experience across many fields. We are able to optimize our workflow and productivity by use of our performance evaluation programme. We also provide our collaborators with the latest, state-of-the-art translation software

executed by translators certified by the High Court or the Court of Appeal.For personal or commercial administrative purposes, sworn translation is suited for both individuals and professionals. Sworn translations are

The translated document includes:
the translator's signature;
the translator's seal;
the registration number of the translation (a unique reference for each translated document).

The legal standing of the translated document is equivalent to that of the original.


Our interpreters assist you by translating oral statements from one language to another, covering a large range of areas of activity. They listen, understand and memorize the content before reproducing the statements, questions and speech in their native language and vice versa. We can help you choose the type of interpreter that best suits your needs.

Our interpreters operate in real time at conferences, meetings, debates, etc. They receive the statements from the speaker and translate them simultaneously into a microphone. There is a slight delay of two to three seconds between the original and the interpretation. However, this method saves considerable time compared to other types of interpreting.
Consecutive interpreting consists of recreating received statements into another language. The interpreter retains what has been said then recites it after the speaker. The duration of such sessions can vary greatly; from 10 to 40 minutes. Ideally, it is best that individual statements do not exceed 10 minutes.
In this service, the interpreter translates the conversation as it progresses and acts as an intermediary between people who do not speak the same language.
The interpreter whispers the translation in real time. Whilst this practice usually only accommodates a maximum of five listeners, larger audiences can be catered for through the use of our specialist technology.

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